Cecil Palmer

Welcome to Night Vale



This was a last minute cosplay for a live show of NightVale me and a friend where going to see. I got everything the day before the show. The Wig was a party store wig that I styled. Recently due to hair loss in the back of the wig I cut up a $2 after holloween wig and sewed it into my older one. After that I died it with acrylic paints to be blond. Then I restyled it again. I plan on doing more styling when I get some better hair spray and all together need to replace it to a white wig like I previously used for Prussia and Cecil. The glasses are cheap sunglasses with the lens punched out. I've realized that no lenses make photographs much less of a pain. The make up is a work in progress. The Shirt and vest I got at a thrift store then wore black jeans with converse.


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Series Welcome to Night Vale
Character Cecil Palmer


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