Final plan: Full outfit commissioned by God Save The Queen Fashions.

The dehydrator gun won't be included in the first version, toying with the idea to try my hand at making it myself.

Went through with a misshappen head prop made out of a construction helmet, with expanding foam for the mass. Plaster to try and polish it. The tape I used to cover it ended up showing lots of bumps, so that's a fail.

Still, it went over quite well and I pulled off a bunch of derpy faces. So... mission accomplished?


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Series Megamind
Character Megamind


PSY-chan Nice cosplay!

Lawyerman Lawyerman sees that you did something completely original and totally original. He applauds you for the thought and, more importantly, the execution

MDA I am still madly in love with your portrayal of Megamind X3

angelbabycakes This is great! I saw it as your avatar in the forums and just HAD to click on it! I literally laughed ay all your silly faces. You'd be hysterical to photograph! BRAVO!

nannyogg Your megamind is beyond awesome! You look like you were having a GREAT time hamming it up! :)

LadyKeelah Looks like you had a ton of fun modeling that costume. XD "God Save the Queen" did a great job on the bodysuit/details, and you're rockin' that big head! ;D