Kamina (Genderswap)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann



This is my Kamina cosplay!! I love it!! I drew the tats on with Liquid Latex Body Paint. Well, more of my friends drew them on me... ahaha. It was fun!!

I still need to make the cape (its half done in a box). But otherwise, i feel so Kamina ^u^


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Series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Character Kamina (Genderswap)


bluestbunnie You did an amazing job!! Best Fem Kamina I've seen so far!!

MinaotoBot Very awesome! Going to AOD and Fanime as Kamina, too? :D

carladawn hecka cute!

Hinote_Ichimaru Haha awesome idea! <3 love it

TMLiza I really like this cosplay(although I can't put my finger on it why since I've only seen two episodes of Gurren Lagaan) It's probably the awesome tattoos and the outfit as a whole. Anyway, love it! ^_^

Kell-chan Hey! Female-Kamina from Hyper Con! XD Thanks for the comment. It was fun hanging out with you and Solemon!