I really love dragonite. I always try to get a dratini as soon as I can in the games just so I can have a dragonite on my team. This costume will be the mascot / fursuit type. I'm writing a journal detailing how I'm constructing this cosplay. I'll update the journal whenever I've made some (if any) progress. I hope to have this cosplay finished by September 2011 for Nan Desu Kan. That way I can walk around as dragonite with my friend (who is making a mascot Totoro costume). This is going to be fun! XD

I've nearly completed this costume. I'll be wearing it to Nan Desu Kan 15. I'll be wearing it on Friday and Saturday of the convention. I'll be attending the Pokemon Photoshoot at 7pm on Friday and the Deviantart Photoshoot at 1:30pm on Saturday. If you see me please feel free to approach me for hugs, photos, or just to chat. I love meeting new people! :D

Break Down of Cosplay:

*Head - foam head with orange fabric and bluegreen/white eyes and light yellow horns
*Body - lycra diving suit with foam padding glued to it with orange/light orange fabric covering plus a yellow fabriced striated underbelly
*Legs - plantigrade, I'll start the legs around my knees and use foam to give them a round form
*Wings - workings on moving wings or articulate made of PVC Pipe, wood, wire, and fabric
*Hands/Feet - round foam base (which encases the foot) covered in orange fabric and orange sandals glued to bottoms for traction and foam claws with white fabric

What I'm Currently Working On:

Completed So Far:
*Main Body
*small details

Wow I've been working on this for a long time. O_O;

Progress Photos-> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157625320245434/
UPDATE: I'm finished and Dragonite did wonderfully at the convention. I learned alot making this costume and will definently incorporate what I've learned into my next project. I'm planning to enter dragonite into the SoDak Anime Conventions Costume Contest next year. I plan to make improvements with the legs (since it was so difficult to walk at NDK) in the meantime. :)


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neenlove wow your amazing

Mematsu Good luck finishing this on time! I really wish I was going to NDK this year so I could see it in person.

CanineHybrid Moar photos! :o

Draga03 Good luck with this cosplay! Can't wait to see it done!