Mad Hatter

Are you Alice?

The overall on this is pretty basic. A basic black 3 button suit with a white collar shirt.

Scarf: I made from material I got a Seiyu.
Top Hat: Ordered online and made the white band around the base of the hat from left over material used for the scarf.
Wig: 'Vephr' in dark brown.
Tea Cup: Belongs to a friend who let me use it for the photo shoot
Cigerette: I found a picture of a lit cigerette online and cut/pasted it several times. I printed it and cut it out. I rolled it up to be the same diameter as a normal cigerette useing more paper as a filler. I wraped it in a layer of basic clear Scotch Sealing tape to keep the paper in the shape and also to keep it from soaking anything up.
Watch: The pocket watch belongs to a friend of mine who lent it to me for the photo shoot.
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Series Are you Alice?
Character Mad Hatter
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