NCR Veteran Ranger




Character is from the game Fallout New Vegas, they are snipers and elite lawmen who roam the wastelands with authority similar to the texas rangers of the old west.

Their coats are supposed to be black when issued, but the post apoc wasteland bleaches them brown within weeks

Helmet and mask is made from sintra and styrene, with a fiberglass backing.
the helmets two 'cams' are bright LEDs which glow when turned on.
the chest armor is foam floor matting, very light and fun to build with.
everything is hand made by me with the exception of the pants and boots.

the duster is incredibly comfortable, and the pattern was made specifically for the costume.
alot of the weather was done with spraypaint and a belt sander.

i hope to improve the costume by adding a CPU fan into the mask for airflow, and LEDs or EL Wire into the eyes for extra glow.

i've gotten a lot of messages about this costume, which is awesome :)
but very hard to answer all of them.
please read all of this tutorial/build thread i made while i was building the armor
before you message me, thanks


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Series Fallout
Character NCR Veteran Ranger


talley0829 How much would you charge to replicate this?

misterspotswood any help with the duster I'm totally stuck, buying one is so expensive, i dont know how to make one

blobfishy Epic costume, and many thanks for the tutorial thread that you've put up - the links to the sources you used have proved invaluable.

ericl1992 Yes how much do you charge? im very interested.

Rozial How much do you usually charge?

Rozial Do you ever sell any of your outfits?

ninjabanana I am trying to make the same costume can you email me so i can chat with you and get some pointers [email protected]

Sexy Kouga yo mate your cosplay is fricken awesome any chance you could compose a tutorial ?

Danosuke Excellent Costume.

KuroiTakai Anyway you could help me with designs for the helmet? Planning on making mine out of cardboard. Don't really have the funds to make it out of anything else.

joesg2 dont tred on the bear

HSarms Great ^^

Dante s&lt;3 love it!<3

dead_punk_boy Simply AWESOME!

Ultimaweapon328 EPIC and AMAZING. This costume is now EPIMAZING.

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