Yuri Lowell

Tales of Vesperia



The wig was an ebay find. Black with some purple mixed in, it was perfect! All the pieces of this costume were drafted and made by me. The pants lace up, and the obi is tied properly around the back (ronin-musubi or kata-basami). The Bodhi Blastia was made from Sculpey with a sort of hinge on one side and it did up with Velcro on the other.

I had trouble finding a grey I liked for the outer vest, so I ended up custom dyeing that. The detailing on the back of the vest was an interesting task, since the only shots of it are when Yuri is fighting someone so that his hair is out of the way, making the picture blury. But I managed to piece it together from four screenshots and applique it on.

The grey detailing on the black shirt was painted on with acyclic paint, as was the gold on the obi. In those cases I felt paint would be easier than applique.


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Series Tales of Vesperia
Character Yuri Lowell


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