Ayanami Rei

Neon Genesis Evangelion



Whew! It's been a while! I made this for SacAnime to wear with JustKiwi. She had completed her costume a while ago, but I just barely finished in time for the con! I had lots of fun with puffs and gathers with this costume.

For PMX, I completed more of the costume by painting the shoes and acquiring a hat (which Justkiwi actually got me for my birthday! Thank you <3), but I'm still missing some details on her shoes including the laces and flowers.

The corset was my mom's from her wedding; I only made a removable cover for it out of interfacing and white cloth, which will probably be remade because it seems to no longer conform to the shape of the corset.

The wig was originally silver and shoulder-length; I dyed it using the Sharpie-dye spray method with various shades of blue. I plan on fluffing it up a bit more for future cons!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish the hat or the shoes in time, but hopefully I will have them by the next con!


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Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character Ayanami Rei


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