Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine

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When I started reading Marvel more consistently and seriously, I came across the Contessa and she very swiftly won my heart and became my new favourite woman in Marvel's mythos. I love SHIELD a lot in general, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to play out the big badass bromance of Nick, Val, and Dugan with ReJecT and Nyghtwynd!

One thing I love about the way Steranko drew Val in the 60's is that she's a total fashion plate, which luckily gave me a little bit of leeway when I was working out how to make her look work when translated to real life. I was totally excited when I settled on a more modern, practical look for her...and then my bodysuit's zipper broke and died two days before it was time to debut the outfit. Luckily, I'd kept a few other design ideas for her kicking around, and I ended up going with a more classic look that combined fashion and glamour with combat. The dress was a totally lucky find a few months ago, I bought it at the time because it totally reminded me of good ol' Val. The wig was one from a local costume store. Once upon a time it was an Elvira wig and then I re-styled it for this.

The Marvel group on the Sunday of FanExpo was a total treat to do. We had a wonderful group of people who all looked fabulous, and we managed to pick up a bunch of other amazing cosplayers through out the day, and we sure made a show when we all invaded the Marvel booth at the con! We didn't move from the booth for the last 2 hours of FanEx, because of how many people came by and photographed us, including Axel Alonso, the company's new Editor in Chief!! I really am still reeling from what a wonderful day it was.

I'm hoping this won't be the last of my Marvel team. <3 (one of these days, I'll get my butt to San Diego and do photos with skulldouggary and his AMAZING Baron von Strucker.)


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Character Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine


skulldouggary Wow...I knew you'd make a great Contessa! Looks like you guys rocked the Marvel booth. Sorry to hear your bodysuit was battle damaged, but then we got to see SHIELD's new secret weapon; the dress!