Yugi Moto




Much thanks to Featherweight for the millenium puzzle, and the Kels for letting me borrow the duel disk!

Wig made from 1 black punky, lots of black hair wefts I had lying around, blond hair wefts, magenta hair wefts, and EZ felt (stiffened felt) to create the bangs and the spikes.

All belts and buckles were made by me... missing a few things but will fix them up for the next wear


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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Yugi Moto


cosplay4ever21 Wow..this is the best!!^^ nice job on the costume ESPECIALLY the wig :D

binxy When I see this all I think of is "HOW?!?!?!" I swear to the baby Jesus, you are like a walking freaking anime character. I don't understand!!! It's like like you're not even a real person!

tiger275 Pure sexy-ness ;D lol

Hylianinja Omgosh!! What a fantastic Yugi! :D

HylianKnight You are awesome~! :D Enviouusss, you did such a great job~ Keep it up! :)

Sass OH MY!! You did it again!! So much awesome work!!! And the wig... SPLENDID!!

Joey~ Best Cosplay of Yugi ever!!! Great work!!!