Ruby Rhod

The Fifth Element



I was basically the model for this costume. I did very little. I made a slight alteration to part of the collar.
I had a lot of fun in this costume, mainly because it's the first one where the character is smiling a lot. I'm really glad people enjoyed this cosplay.

Thanks so much for the comments guys and gals! I really appreciate them!

bodysuit made by Chokichi

wig made by plumvs

two very good commissioners


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series The Fifth Element
Character Ruby Rhod


Kiyoko_san thats awesome .... really EPIC !!!!!!

Zonbi I love this.

Elika_88 wow! It´s fantastic!!!

carrousel haha this is amazing!!

Thearah OH MY GOD. I totally love this.

tifaia Dah! So awesome! Maybe one day my 5th Element group will be lucky enough to run into you. We can't seem to find a Ruby Rod for the life of us. lol

pinoycosplay You need to find a lelu right now. Awesome job!

Fujin!! u r EPIC! that is really great!))))

Viveeh That is awesome!

Bluehentrooper That is fabulous. Good for you for picking such a fun costume.

Mohmoh Bravo for cosplaying Ruby Rod!!!!!

Shizuku wah, crazy! But totally amazing! <3