My Dad's favorite character from Naruto Has always been Jiraiya and even though Jiraiya has been cosplayed many times, I knew some day we just had to make this cosplay for my Dad to wear.
It is 100% handmade by us, the sewing done by me and the props by him (The Scroll, Shoes, Headplate, etc)
The scroll opens up and is painted inside (Dad has all Naruto Cosplayers sign it when we go to cons!) And the end opens up and we put our stuff in it at cons too xD
The wig was bought and styled by me and my friend Caleb. The Ponytail was attached and styled by us as well!

We hope you enjoy our work on bringing the unforgettable Ero-sennin to life!!


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Series Naruto
Character Jiraiya


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