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These two costumes kind of make me want to jump off a bridge. But anyway.

I made both costumes, but because I was afraid of getting everything done in time, Daniela helped me with alot of the hand sewing and tedius work. She wears the gold glad kusuriuri, while I wear the normal one.

Wig and accessories: Wigs used are an angela 750 in ash blond and a silver maple wig that I bought second-hand. The headwrap along with most of the normal kusuriuri's costume was made from polyester crepe and hand dyed with silk paint.

It took me about two weeks to silk paint everything on the normal kusuriuri's kimono/hakama. I had alot of problems with the gutta not comming out of the tube evenly so the painting didn't come out as smooth as I like. Because of this, I decided against going with a "clean" look and added texture by using water and salt.

Henshin's costume was much easier. I used gold polyester jaquards and shantung and made everything to fit Daniela.

The obi and bows are quadrupal interfaced (the thin fusable kind is all I had on hand) to hold their shape and are held together by 8 or so snaps. Normal kusuriuri's obi detail was painted with gold "simply spray" fabric paint.. which I'll never use again. I bought around 12 cans but only used 9 because the spray nozzles broke :(

There's nothing special about the pants or tabi socks. The leg wraps were disposable ace bandages.

The geta were custom made by me. They are both three inches high. I stuffed the thongs with polyfill, fed them through the wood, tied a knot, and encased the knot in glue.

Props and accessories were all made with paperclay and balsa wood.

Makeup used was mehron starblend pancake makeup, Morgana's Cryptoria lipsticks, Mehron gold mineral powder, and paradise water based Red. I lightened my skin tone a few shades, and Daniela was darkened a few shades.

I have a new makeup chart for both costumes and am planning another photoshoot with the proper makeup soon!


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Series Mononoke (TV series)
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