Shihouin Yoruichi




I made everything myslef expect for the pants which I bought. TvT

I love my wig but I'm not really happy with the ponytail I made, dislike it..I think I need to remake the ponytail or just buy a new wig.

And to found some more fitting shoes for this one suit xD;; I made the version were she wears both arm- and wristwarmers. And the black top with the butterfly tatto,but I use the orange jacket or gi w/e over the undershirt sense I dont have the others butterfly tattos that are shown in the face and left arm. ( Need to make a new black top :s ) The "wristwarmer" needs to be remade too. Otherwise Im pretty happy with this "battle suit".

And it makes me really really happy that people enjoy this cosplay! ^w^


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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Shihouin Yoruichi
Variant Orange Gi


puredeathangel Beautiful Yoruichi!!! You capture her character perfectly!

Frozen Angel I remember you from Närcon 2011! You were so alike her, and great shots you have! ^^

Blood_Sword You look amazing as Yoruichi, you look just like her! So good~