Skull Girls

This is supposed to be with a group of really awesome girls but every time we try to get together my schedule is off from theirs or I forget a part of my cosplay OTL I hope to one day get group shots together!!

Wig: A blue/black mix wig I bought off Ebay, its a lot thinner than I anticipated but with enough teasing and hairspray Im happy with how it looks.

Dress: A thick polyester mix was used wrong-side out for this. I hand drafted the pattern and the 3 X's in front function as buttons. They're simply made of foamie cautiously sewn and glued on. In the back there's two slits in the waist to thread a belt through so I can hold Valentine's bag on my back without anything showing. Later on I nipped in the waist more, flared out the skirt a bit and made larger X's.

Accessories: The hat is the same fabric as the dress with fabric paint and a piece of stiff paper to keep the hat upright. Facemask is cotton with two darts and elastic around the ears so it fits more comfortably. Nametag is cardstock folded/glued down with a bobby pin to slide onto my collar. The leg wraps are double-folded strips of the dress fabric with double layered foamie X's at the top. I usually pin them tightly at top and bottom then use medical tape to keep them from rotating as I move around.

The back bag is pleather that I sewed together. I stitched half the sides closed so that I can actually store my props in it without them falling out. Sadly, the top and sides snagged and tore so I lost 3 scalpels at a con. I'll remake them better.

Props: Scalpels are pictureframe cardstock that I cut and layered together then painted with acrylics.

I have yet to finish the bonesaw but am using PVC pipe and wood.
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