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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood



Ezio Auditore is by far one of my favorite characters from the Assassin’s Creed universe. How he grew to be a man and a kind and loving father, plus his way with women always had me swooning in my seat. That said, I specifically picked the Brotherhood outfit because this was the prime of Ezio’s lifetime and honestly, the time he stole my heart. All of my patterns were made by me, and much of this cosplay was made without a pattern, following a small figure for reference. With that said, I made the cosplays in 5 parts.

Undershirt – The undershirt was a simply muslin undershirt with a high collar. I took a large lace and pleated it around the collar, then folded it in half and sewed it on to give it that full look. The sleeves themselves were a bit of challenge, simply because I didn’t want to have a seam within the spirals. I took a nice textured fabric and sewed a black ribbon into the middle, then made two spirals on both sleeves down to the cuff. The cuffs themselves are a simple straight cuff, a pleated lace around the edge to give it that flared look.

Tunic – The tunic was by far the hardest thing to make. It consists of multiple elements made of many different fabrics, but made to function as simple as possible. The entire outfit is made of one of three fabrics: white crepe, red satin and white muslin. The hood pattern started off as a normal hoodie hood, and then modified to make the hood. That was lined with red satin. The tunic itself was made as though it was a shirt, the detail added by cutting lines and sewing them back together, then criss-cross stitching the seams to make it stand out. Other details were purely the type of fabric I used to get the desired design. The hang downs were first cut out, then detailed with white ribbon and wedding fabric. Everything was lined with white muslin to make it more comfortable to wear.

Pauldron – The pauldron was made out of paper mache and poster board, formed to a dress form that was set to my size. The details was simply more paper mache, and the medallions were made out of clay and then covered in paper mache. Once everything was dried and formed, I spray painted it with a metallic silver and then aged it with an off-gray acrylic paint. I hot glued two D-Rings to the underside, then used a micro suede cloth to imitated leather around the edges. Then, after making two more medallions for D-ring cover, I used pleather as sort of a strap to keep it on. The half-cape itself was first cut out as not a circle pattern, but an off circle pattern so that I could push the cape over my shoulder for when I don’t want to look imitating. Detailed were added with ribbon, and then the cape was lined with red satin. That was then hot glued to the underside so that it could hang correctly.

Belt/Sash – The belt is one of the defining points of Ezio’s outfit, something that everyone can point out and say “That’s Ezio Auditore.” So when I made the belt, I really had to keep a keen eye for detail. The belt itself is entirely made out of Sculpty clay, molded and sculpted and then baked for well over an hour to get all levels. Once it was baked, I sanded only a few parts as I wanted it to look like hammered metal, then spray painted it with a metallic silver base. Once the paint was dry, I aged it with black paint, and then covered the whole thing with clear enamel to seal it. Finally, I added the red jewel in the middle, giving it the only splash of color it needed. Once everything was set, I added cardboard as a backing so that it wouldn’t break, and then hot glued it to a satin-covered piece of armor and a criss-cross of brown fabric so that absolutely no weight or stress would be on the belt itself.

The actual wrap-around part was made with a dark-brown pleather, using hook and eyes to close it in the front with the metal square rings. Lastly, I made the sash out of a red satin, making it approximately 6 feet long to wrap around myself a few times using an obi technique. The sash was sewed around the edge to make it flat so that it wouldn’t twist onto itself.

Pants and accessories – The pants were a simple design, made out of black cotton to be airy and comfortable. Since they would barely be seen, I made them as comfy as I could get. Other accessories include the bracers and hidden blades (which are from the NECA collection for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood), wig, and boots.

All in all, I absolutely love this cosplay.


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