Yuna Braska

Final Fantasy X



I've been dreaming of doing this cosplay for years! For a long time I was too afraid to make it since its so overdone and I was unsure if I could do Yuna justice. Eventually i made it anyways and even if it's not perfect, I'm so happy with it and love wearing it around!

The skirt isn't quite the shade I wanted, but I'm still happy with it. It has accurate pleats with the one box pleat in front and two reverse box pleats in back. I'm glad I had the perfect shade of bias tape to trim the bottom hem. The waistband hooks closed and sits pretty high up on my waist. The painting was done freehand and is imperfect in some spots, but matches up when the pleats are closed which makes me really happy~

Top: The black under-top is all elastic and some swim-cups I made with a pattern from an old swimsuit. The white top is simply cotton and is sewn to the obi on the top and bottom hems so I don't have to worry about readjusting the sides to be even.

I couldn't find fabric that had a similar enough texture to Yuna's obi, so I used the wrong side of some yellow satin. I used a hella thick interfacing for all the pieces. Two of my friends help me paint all the designs the night before Fanime, I'm so thankful they were willing to help me OTL The obi flower is several layers and many pieces of cardstock glued together and gesso'd over. I threaded the cording through the flower and attached the beads to it. The blue beads are painted and made of wood. The yellow end beads are clay, and the long beads are wooden dowels with holes drilled through part of them then I twisted hooks into them and sewed them to the obi cords. The small blue tassles at the end are tied blue embroidery floss.

Sleeves: I used the same cotton as the top and dip dyed the ends with RiT Dye. Making the sleeves was possibly my favorite part of this cosplay! The loops for the ribbon are white bias tape and the ribbon itself is thick embroidery floss braided together then painted beads threaded on the ends.

I already owned something similar to her rings and bracelets. Her necklace was made out of chain, wire and lots of tiny pieces of wonderflex put together to make her 3 flowers and the pendant arch. It was a pain in the ass but totally worth it. I made all her smaller earrings along with the large one, but they're not noticeable in most pictures lol. The large earring is the cardboard tube off a hanger, cut into three pieces, bondo'd sanded, painted and assembled. The three lower beads are clay and wood. The tassle, like the obi tassles, are made from tied embroidery floss.

The wig I ordered ended up being terribly thin, luckly my hair was the same shade so instead of pinning my hair up inside the wig, I just plopped it ontop of my own and styled them together.

The rod is a wooden dowel with two rings of thin cardboard for the gold rings between the red and blue, and for the gold end. The gold and silver head were carved from insulation foam, coated in several layers of Gesso then spray painted and assembled. Sadly I ended up with a lot of air bubbles beneath the Gesso, I'd like to smooth it out sometime but for now I'm happy with it. The bell at the end is screwed in on a hook.


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