VerdeBosque (Green Xweetok)




I dressed up as my Neopet, a green xweetok. I guess it is kind of a good thing that Neopets has customization now, so that I could actually wear clothes.
The tail gave me some problems while I was making it, but in the end it turned out really well.
The ears were working well when I tried them on at home, but while at the con they kept pushing away from my head and leaving my actual ears visible. Uhg!
I had originally commissioned to have a vest made for me to look like the one on Neopets, but when I got it it was really poor quality so I went with my backup plan.
The most annoying part of this costume was the hair...I slicked my own hair back and painted over it with a mixture of tempera paint and white glue. It was hard to get out and also took a long time to dry - but the effect was nice.
This costume was sooo hot. Maybe if I wear it again it'll be in the winter.


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Character VerdeBosque (Green Xweetok)


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