Suikoden V



Wig - The base of the wig is Arda's Katinka in black, with some loose extensions for the hair loops. I I constructed the wig in such a way as to damage/permanently modify the base wig as little as possible, with the use of black elastic and small pices of cardboard.

Jacket, Neck Bow, Undershirt - The jacket is specially patterned to only have seams under the arms. It's made from black matte satin and edged with custom bias tape. The bow and undershirt are also made from scratch.

Corset - The corset base was salvaged from a project that didn't get completed the previous year. The outer layer has 56 individual pieces sewn together, and then fabric marker used to fill in extra lines. It's got steel boning in it too.

Sash - Sash is pretty basic, but I did make a wire contraption for the back bow part to it had a rigid and sturdy shape.

Skirt - Made with the same black matte satin as the jacket. Lined because it's not easy to double hem a circle skirt.

Leg Armor, Shoes - Made with craft foam and thin cardboard sheets. Paint was custom mixed to match the fabric of the corset and shoes as close as possible. Still working on upgrading these for the next wear. Shoes started out black and were covered with the same fabric used for the corset.

Sword - Sword is made from scratch using cardboard and hot glue.


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