Corycaly as Esther Blanchett

Esther Blanchett

Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood Canon Stories Untold V

Cosplayer: Corycaly
I finally ended this cosplay!

Everything is handmade.

Corset: I used a Mc Call sewing pattern. All beads were sewed on by hand.

White skirt: I used red roses appliques a friend sent me from Sri Lanka. I added beads and sequins to link those red roses to the skirt bottom.
I drew white roses on red fabric and sewed on it transparent miyuki beads to give them more contrast.

Wig: bought on ebay, I restlyled it a little.

Scepter: That was my first cosplay prop I made. More details on my blog:

Orb: I used a transparent plastic xmas ball and painted it from the inside. I glued a ribbon and sequins.

Crown: I used craftfoam, painted it and added all the decorations.

Rosary: I tried to do it with fimo but it failed miserably. Since I have little time left before the convention, I bought a rosace, a lion pendant and a horse pendant then glued them together. The two swords were made of craftfoam: I glued metal beads on it.