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Hocus Pocus



Sarah has always been my favourite of the Sanderson sisters. She’s delightfully ditzy and epitomizes ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Sleeves - After examining the sleeves, I realized it was basically fishnet and I knew how to crochet fishnet, but the material so fine. I crocheted the sleeves out of ordinary sewing thread using a 0.75mm crochet hook. There is a lot of variation in size of the spaces to create the effect of holes and pulls.

Corset - I drafted a pattern using resources from
I cut the fashion fabric in the same style as what she has in the movie, stiched it together and then did all the hand embroidery. (This is my first corset and my first time doing embroidery.). The lacing is tea dyed.

Petticoat – Sewed a couple of curtains together and added a caising for a drawstring. I burned the bottom both to keep it from fraying and to add a dirty uneven worn look.

Purple over skirt - The material for this was a sheet from a thrift store. The purple overskirt was a similar construction with the casing part way down the material to create the peplum. I cut the bottom edge to match the ragged edge shown in the movie.

Red apron - The red panel is a scarf (that I already owned) that I painted to have the same pattern as in the movie. I had to create my own stencil for part of it (the small rectangular pattern). The other stencil (the diamonds) came from Michael’s. Then there’s another scarf underneath, pink, that I bought in a dollar store.

Bloomers ¬- I used Simplicity 3618. Instead of elastic I used drawstrings at the waist. The material was a pillow case from a thrift store.

Stockings - After crocheting the sleeves I knew I could make my own fishnet stockings. I made them from #10 crochet cotton with a 1.75mm hook. I adapted a fishnet pattern I found on Pinterest to work in the round.

Cloak - I used Simplicity 5794 A style with only one mantel. I made the hood and mantel with the same material as the overskirt. The main body of the cloak is a light drapery fabric. The binding of the three parts of the cloak is hand sewn.

Bag - I crocheted 4 smaller squares and stitched them together to create one side of the bag. I did the same thing for the reverse side. I altered a pattern found on Pinterest. I wanted it to be squarer and even. I tea dyed the squares to give them a more worn and aged look.

I used black heavy cotton for the lining. I hand stitched it, it was a small project to work on while at my parent’s house. I added a drawstring and finished it with beads.

Necklace – You can’t see it in a lot of my pictures because of the cloak, but I also made the necklace. It’s a simple string of beads with a clasp.

Rings – The two simple bands on my right hand are what I wear every day. The other two rings on my right hands I bought at Value Village (Savers).

Boots – Found at Value Village.

Wig – I bought years ago from Body Line when I was living in Japan.


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