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Needed a new, reasonably simple costume for warmer weather, and of course my eyes fell right on that pixelized version of me, Abigail! She's pretty much me when I was a high school/college student. And minus me not wearing much goth wear any more, still pretty darn similar.
Also pairing this with an Elliot costume for Furilas!

So, the costume is:
-Wig: Haven't styled yet. Using an Arda Grace in Ultraviolet.
-Hairbow: Made of blue and gold satin from my stash, and clips into the wig with a toupee clip.
-Choker: Made from, again, satin stash! Had plenty of black laying around. And a snap fastener to close.

-Outfit: Since she's a pixel character with official art only showing her from the chest up, I had some leeway. I went with her outfit being a pair of leggings, fancy boots, an overbust corset (odd lines on what little you could see of her top and it totally matching her style, for that one), and a sleeveless open sweater-dress with a belt.
Corset: I got lucky and found cotton satin to go with cotton canvas and cotton lining, so yay, no sweating! It's steel boned in most places, and in place of a front busk I used hooks and eyes. The corset is also flossed and topstitched with silver silk thread to add some contrast, since my plan for a nice black brocade didn't work out. I used Yaya Han's corset pattern, but I made some HEAVY alterations to it to get it to sit right on me and be openable in front. And a simple black tank top worn underneath for both modesty and not ruining the corset with sweat and BO.

Sweater-dress-vest thing: I decided on a loose, knit garment, as her "dress" reminded me of the big, long sweaterdresses that opened in the front, occasionally sleeveless, that were stylish among my fellow goths in my teen years. It's made out of a soft blue ponte knit, pattern was self-drafted and easy to sew since there's so little to it.

Leggings: Just simple black leggings from my wardrobe.

Boots: Will use my Victorian button boots, unless the ankle-length boots I'd planned on first finally turn up. Abigail certainly looks like she has some fancy boots on!

Belt: Will probably use one from my closet, but not certain yet, need to look through things.

IF I have time, I'll buy a wood flute and take up playing it again (definitely want to be able to play the main stardew theme on it!), but that's very much up in the air for if I'll have time.


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