FFF what is this riddiculousness that is this costume. just so much... weird stuff

Jacket- CosMode Girls blazer that was lengthened and with added flair. first time lining and using interfacing! rope cording was attached by using a large zig zag stich. buttons are from FD *they have stars! very circus-y* Diamonds on outside are white vinyl kinda stuff using fuseable applique and the inside black ones are the wrong side of black PV.

Vest- New Look men's vest. I found this super cool Diamond material at JoAnns *on Clearance FTW!) and I used Screen Printing ink to make some of them white. then I attached ruffles to the bottom

Pants- took pants I already have and did the same diamond technique that I did on the Jacket

Spats- Glorified bootcovers. however, my shoes got locked in my friend's hotel room so all the pics look super stupid since im wearing tennis shoes arrgghhh

Juggling balls- Lacrosse balls

Skeleton hand-

Wig- it was originaly a long orange wig in 2009 but then got cut into a medium bob in 2010. then it became... that thing. the day I was supposed to wear Joker, I put the wig on and just started trimming, clipping, teasing, braiding etc etc. the extensions were *in a package* that I found at the Salvation army. I had used them for my Sakurazawa cosplay for AX 2010 and just braided them and clipped them in.


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