Zatsune Miku




Zatsune Miku (AKA Dark Miku)

Time Spent: 2 weeks (off and on)

Headset: Styrofoam, Craft foam, The antenna from a remote control car, glue

Shirt: Black fabric (has to be light enough not to kill you, but stiff enough for the shoulder poofs) red fabric (I used ribbon, but it's whatever), elastic, and a white suit shirt.

Pants: Black fabric

For the shirt I took the white suit shirt and sewed elastic to the sleeves at the shoulders (left the sleeves on, had a reason for it, I think it was for added stability or something) and made the poofs, before sewing them onto the elastic. I sewed the bell parts of the sleeves to their own elastic bands, that way I could wear it without the bell sleeves should it get too hot (and it did. believe me, I only wore the sleeves like.... .5% of the time)

The Headset I made after watching a video on youtube. The car anntena was, however, my own idea, and I think it worked out amazingly...The only complaint I have is that it's near impossible to hear peoples words when they speak... ._.

Pants, a simple pant design.


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Character Zatsune Miku


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