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I made my first senshi fuku last year, and I think I learned a lot about the process and details within that time. I decided from the moment that I completed my original Sailor Mars fuku that it wasn't detailed enough and decided I would make a new one for the following Comic Con. This has been made with cotton and lycra. I do not like using shiny fabrics like satin or silk, no matter how 'expensive' they are because they always end up looking like cheap Party City costumes to me. I always imagined the scouts wearing matte fabric... I cannot wait to finish this costume and wear it; it will be interesting to compare the pictures of this year and last year. This is a gallery of the costume in progress and whatever pictures I take in the costume at the con this October.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mars
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NorseDanceParty Great Cosplay!! I love that you posted the step by step.

maskedrose Thanks! I am looking forward to completing it and comparing it to my old one :-P I just hope the skirt isn't too long looking again. I think it's more proportioned this time around.

Chelseahavoc looking good so far cant wait to see it finished