Orihime Inoue




Finally, a Bleach cosplay! And Orihime being one of my favourite Bleach characters, I'm super glad I got to do this. After getting my orange wig for Leena, this was expected. C:

My good buddy and I decided to debut Bleach characters together, and chose to do the school uniform first. We bought the same school shoes, same school bag, used the red bows from my Seychelles cosplay, and sewn our own pleated skirt from the same fabric! Bought my hairpins from TaoBao.com and my white blouse were borrowed from my cousin (as I didn't have enough time to buy new ones). On top of that, I made a leek plushie! Everyone must know that Orihime was the original Loituma Girl. D:

I'm so proud of this cosplay as it's the first time I wore an article of clothing that was completely sewn by myself. Everything was done within a (stressful) week and I made the leek plushie within 4 hours! Hope to sew more stuff on my own in the future.


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Series Bleach
Character Orihime Inoue
Variant Karakura High School Uniform


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