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This one was a new spin on my steampunk items that I think I am in love with wearing :)

VERSION 1 (Fanime 2011):
So the dress was originally the dress I used for prom this year; I wanted to reuse it since it's a shame that my other gowns have only been worn once & found a chance to do so here. It's a Betsey Johnson dress (:

The top hat and blank pocketwatch are borrowed items; the more elaborate pocketwatch I purchased during the convention. The decoration on top of the hat I constructed myself: the butterfly and feather bunches are from my ragamuffin variation that I just arranged onto my hat. the ribbon i purchased prior specifically for this: the ribbon wraps around the hat and is held by the butterfly clip, and the feathers are slipped in between the band and the hat. the leftover ribbon dangles over the rim like a bow.

The choker, necklaces, belts, gyroscope, chain, telescope, most of the rings, and red rock were all items I had prior and all of those are also on my ragamuffin variation. The wristwatch that dangles along my left wrist is an old antique my mom gave me. One of the rings is also another antique, and most of them are the same, I believe. They are all just rings I've had lying around. The earrings are bought; the peacock ones I've had before, but the gears ones I bought at Claire's surpringly: what's different this time around is that this time I have 5 piercings instead of just two, so I had double piercings as well as a cartilege piercing with a heart post earring in my left ear. I also wore my earcuffs; there is one on each ear: on my left I had a snake, and on my right I had my standard cuff rings with butterflies and a heart dangling off of it.

The black gloves I had used before, except this time they now have a set of three buttons near the top of them (not where the hands are) that I sewed on myself.

The black tights I purchased from H&M, and for now I have only worn my pirate boots with this costume. The gun is my darling steampunk gun, Elisavet, which I created last year during the summer, I believe. The cane is once again a borrowed item that I had much fun with haha (:

VERSION 2 (Fanime 2012):
The dress is, of course, the same as the first version. The difference, however, is that I am now in possession of an underbust corset, which in this version held up my dress. Previously I relied on my belts to hold my dress up, but now they (and they have also increased in quantity) just rest decoratively along my torso and also serve as a basis for holding all my dangly trinkets.

The headpiece is a headband I had bought from Forever 21 that I never really used; by the second day I decided to just lash the butterfly clip/feather triad (which were used as the ornament for the top hat in the previous version) together to the headband. This was successful through the use of a large bobby pin, thread, and a bit of glue.

The choker/majority of the belts/majority of the necklaces/few of the keys/telescope/chains/gyroscope/rock/black gloves/rings are all the same as version 1. The difference is that I have acquired more necklaces/belts/rings/keys, I stopped wearing the wristwatch, and I began wearing my goggles around my neck. My bottle also broke partway through Fanime this year so I patched it up with some bandaids...and rather like the look.

My earrings are also basically the same: I still wear the same sets on my doubles, however in addition, I also wore my gigantic snake earring, which curves and rests on my left ear (i made my first set of piercings share with the snake and the earring) while I had a cuff-to-piercing thing with a dangly chain with a skull wearing a top hat at the end on my other ear (sharing the first piercing like the other ear). I also now have a cartilage piercing in both ears instead of just my left.

My rings, going from my left pinky to my right pinky, were: nothing, nothing, golden owl head, giant beetle, snake, brass ring/silver ring/butterfly ring, baby owl, large bird on both my index and middle for my right hand, antique ring, then nothing.

The black tights this time around were purchased off of eBay and arrived earlier than expected :) the shoes are some lovely oxford heels I had purchased earlier in the year from Naturalizer.

As for the makeup...I wanted to do a sort of pierrot inspired look, so I decided to put on some fake eyelashes, do a variation on my eyeshadow, pull down the lines from my eyes a bit more so it looked a bit runny, and then I decided to have my lipstick look like a heart. I'm quite happy with the result.

Any questions, please ask (:


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Retrohead Hey, I saw you at Fanime!, haha. Fantastic costume, you're definitely amongst the best dressed I've seen, and you pull it off with ease!