Riku, Sora, Kairi

Kingdom Hearts II



The story in a brief summary :D

Kawaii Kon 07: I had my KH2 Riku outfit and I KNEW that the beach would be the perfect setting for World of Darkness and Destiny Island shots...only problem, I had to find a Sora and a Kairi. So the quest began, and on Saturday at the kon, I was incredibly lucky to meet Lauren and Michelle (aka Sora and Kairi) and we did a private Kingdom Hearts shoot on Magic Island (right by Ala Moana)

The shot that's the avatar for this gallery is by FAR my absolute favourite image EVER, it's sooooo beautiful!!


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Riku, Sora, Kairi


duh.sora.rito how much is itttt!

duh.sora.rito I WANT TO BUY THE SORA AND KAIRI COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!

Shigatsu-Neko just wow, they are soo good ... I love your outfits they are very good

Krystel-chan oooohhh i love it!!! the places are just like in the game!!! Awsome job!

Kaiku You all look fabulous and so does that beach!! (Oregonians know a good beach when they see one. xD)

Tsukune You pictures are beautiful, meaniful, and heartfelt and so are the costumes good job =3