Sora Halloween/Christmas town

Kingdom Hearts II



Hm... I've bought some kinda' steelthing to form the shoe with... yay xX'''
And the pants are AAAALMOST finished... xX'
hm... and the ... hood? oO' I need it to look more bleached... ==''

[Edit]: I have now DESTROYED the pants and made the hood thing out of it, and I'm using it for the shoes too x'D
So now, I do not have any pants...

But I bought some fabric xX' at last... but it was too bright... ==' I don't care now --'

And I am starting over on my keyblade x'D
And it's gonna look like HELL xX'''

[Shoes]: 100%!!!
[Hood?(knitted cap?)]: 100%
[Gloves]: 75% --''''
[Pants]: 0%
[Jacket-thing] 85%
[keyblade]: 90%
[socks]: 99% I don't hanve the red stripes on them... oO''
ehe... [Hair]: ... 100% I trydet to do a sora hairstyle and It hink it looked good... and I took some pictures... then there were a person who thought my har looked like Clous hair oO'
hm... and that person who said it looked like yondaime's hair... =='''

WEEEELL... (Can't spell at all anymore) x'P

I MADE IT oo''

I had the cosplay done for UppCon:08 28-30 sep x3
and there was some people that liked it x''3

I will uppload some pictures if I can get some ... since I don't have any pictures of myself oO''''


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Character Sora Halloween/Christmas town


FaithyKinz1 How did you make the keyblade? I am doing this cosplay and I'm hoping I don't have to use my kingdom key for it..

Linnea I miss you cosplaying this version of Sora, ever planning on using it again? : D