Sailor Saturn - Dark Messiah

Sailor Moon



I decided to add some original details, while making this costume.
It's my favourite sailor costume, I must say ^^


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Created 12 years ago
Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Saturn - Dark Messiah


Yingzi Beautiful!

Japanimemusic WOW! BEAUTIFUL!

Hylianinja Hands down, this is the most beautiful Sailor Saturn cosplay I have ever seen. Gorgeous. :)

konekonunchaku This is a great Saturn cosplay! I always loved her as character. I think you pull her off very well!

MomoNeko-chan Hi Malro, I sent you a private message, I hope you can answer me as soon as possible :(

Sakura218 When I am able I am going to go as Sailor Saturn too. I am Russian too.

FunnyValentine Wow you really do look like her in the face and everything.

MostDecentThing * Favorite * 。 ◕‿◕ 。

Typhon Hello Malro I'm love love love your Sailor Saturn Costume Sorry i'm very bad in english....i'm french ^^

skyspiders * has the hugest and most shamefull fangasm you could ever imagine * IN F*ING CREDIBLE! You are my favorite saturn... EVER. *worships your Hotaru cosplay* BEAUTIFUL! STUNING! Absolutely goregous. Words can not convey... how much I adore this, your hotaru cosplay.

Dukesa Everything is sooo PERFECT!! You are my inspiration!!

misaviolin19 you are the prettiest sailor saturn I have ever seen. And I just saw your princess serenity cosplay too and that was also awesome as well!

Luna Priestess You look gorgeous!! Amazing Saturn and absolutely stunning cosplay. I love the shots, exquisite detail.

Chelseahavoc you are an amazing saturn! and i must say the photo where you have the skirt and bows removed is a very nice idea and beautiful shot

AFTER CLOUDIA Absolutely STUNNING!! I hope my Sailor Saturn comes out as beautiful. :D

UsagiDreams You got the costume down to a T! Well done, I applaud you! Not many people can pull of a Sailor Senshi cosplay because the characters are too sexy lol

Chocobo chic You look amazing!I love the costume!

kikyo_18 Love your Saturn cosplay

BalthierFlare Soo pretty!

whynot I Lovee your costume <3, im trying to put together Sailor Saturn Costume and i was wondering where you got your boots?? thankss