Final Fantasy IV



I love beading and I love Rydia, and enjoy Amano's art style, so this costume came to be. I really wanted to test my abilities, and my patience, and make something detailed, over the top, and stunning, a piece that would take months of work to create. I can't say exactly how many hours were put into this, but I worked on it on and off for 8 long months. Some sections are entirely hand-beaded, such as the corset, waist piece, belt pouch, wig decorations, etc., while others contain a lot of hand-beaded detail, such as the leggings, arm pieces, boots, and drapes. I used a combination of sequins and beads to cover these pieces, and it was a lot of handwork. The drapes were probably the most difficult part, trying to hem them was a nightmare because of how it curves and for the sheer fact that it's sheer fabric, which isn't easy to deal with to begin with. I also made beaded jewelry for the earrings and tiara. The whip was made with tubes and materials from Home Depot, and braided sequin dot fabric (which my sewing machine needle hated me for) and beadazzled with rhinestones. I used many different color variations of green sequins for the heavily beaded corset, which creates a neat effect. Strangely enough this is actually a comfortable costume that I enjoy bringing out from time to time, whenever I attend a con that has the space to accomadate me being able to stand around in it. Long drapes are long.


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Series Final Fantasy IV
Character Rydia
Variant Yoshitaka Amano


Rogue-dono I have no words for this...except....BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE Final Fantasy (all of them), and Amano's artwork is just epic. You are really able to bring his artwork to life with your work. The poses, lighting, angles, the costume, the fine detail, the makeup, the way you wear it and carry yourself....everything is a piece of art!

Hopie This is soooo gorgeous! *_*

rpmsauron breathtakingly beautiful Rydia!! Spectacular adornments and beautiful hair and eyes! LOVED IT to the last of it!

Gentleman omg, I LOVE your Rydia!! =D

tifa_lockheart she is very good!