Mai Valentine


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Davis Anime Club decided to do a group cosplay for Fanime 2008. Due to our love for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series, we decided to choose it for the series that we all decided to cosplay from. I chose Mai because "My boobs are too big for this movie" and I'm blonde. :)

I didn't particularity like the costume, so I was only going to wear for a very short amount of time at Fanime '08, and then retire it. But I ended up not going to the Shounen Jump gathering (uh, Gundam and food was more important at that time), so I simply retired the costume for a few years.

Then in late 2011, revamped the costume by going over all the seams with a sewing machine and removing the original hand sewn stitches. I replaced the white lace up string with black, and added darts, although I need I may need to take it in a little bit more. Switched the white skirt for black. Decided to give it a more realistic approach and used my Karina wig for the hair.


@Mirai Noah
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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Mai Valentine
Variant Battle City Outfit


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