Princess Jupiter

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



This was a costume I made to be paired with a commissioned costume a friend of mine asked me to make her. I think it turned out fairly well and the fabric I chose was so flowy and perfect for it. Unfortunately I think the cut of the dress (which was made to what it appears to be in the art work) did not really flatter my body shape. I do however think that there were a few really decent pictures of this costume taken.

Unfortunately this costume was supposed to have a hair piece that there ended up being some complications with (not getting the right one and then not getting my replacement on time and what not) So I had to use my natural hair. I think it looks alright but it wasn’t exactly what I was going for. We will be doing another photo shoot with these costume when the weather starts improving in spring so I will hopefully get some pictures with the hairpiece then.

This costume was shown in the costume contest paired with my commissioned Princess Venus costume.

Better resolution photos and a little more info can be found on my deviant art accounts and


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Princess Jupiter
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