Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4



This costume was my friend LilyLighting's, and she was kind enough to let me wear it around at Onicon 2009! The wig was styled by me, everything else is hers~. (the gun was my boyfriends, I think, lol)


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ada Wong


SkyIkao Fantastic! You're pretty, sexy, and cool as Ada, Perfect! ^^

cony-tenten beautiful *o*

jahir_black_L_ kawai beautiful ada wong n///n

[email protected] wow!!! sexy Adaaaaa XD

Alexiel10 OH my good!!! you look so good, like Ada Wong XD

*Mia* Beautiful, sexy and lethal! Good job ^^v (even though the costume is not yours, pose and attitude cannot be borrowed!)

Ashford WOW looks great ^^

The Boss Wow SUPER hot. awesome Ada!

tifaia Wow! I had to do a double take. I thought the picture was Ada from the game. Fantastic job. ^^

Perrydotto You look great as Ada! Nice work!

VampiRabbit Yup, nice cosplay ^^

AkoRedfield OMG ! you're a pretty damned good Ada !!! *__*