Leonard Shelby




This was just from when i tried to bleach my hair, but i failed, so i tried again, and still failed again...so i cut off the orange so that more blonde would show...after i did so i just noticed i looked like Guy Pierce from when he was in Memento, so i used my old Poleroid for some pictures, and wrote "remember Sammy Jenkis" on my hand just like from the movie. it was never really showed off, but i enjoyed the pictures i took when i dressed up so i'm gonna post em here for an additional costume cuz i feel like a freak only having 4 costumes on my list.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Memento
Character Leonard Shelby
Variant Lenny


CloudStrife7 Great job!

mr-kobayashi Mate this is an incredible idea! And the shots are awesome! Go Sammy Jankis! xD