Final Fantasy IV



This costume is my baby! It was completely handsewn, with over 400 rhinestones and hundreds (I refuse to count how many) seed beads sewn onto the costume, mainly on the back of the skirt. Also I used many glass beads for the wig and strands around the waist, and the whip. This is my best work to date, in my opinion, and I doubt I'll retire it! FFIV is also my first RPG from way back when, and even at a young age I adored Rydia, so this was an homage to the past for sure!


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Series Final Fantasy IV
Character Rydia


juujuu_pop Awesome/Beautiful costume!

Kei Tsubasa Do to the fact you brought Rydia to life, you are official a semi-god in my book. thank you. (obviously a Rydia fan)