Rukia Kuchiki (School Uniform)


The costume is made from polyester twill which was ideal for a uniform, and took pleats well. I'm pleased with how the skirt came out, even if it is shorter than I would like. It was the first knife-pleated skirt I made, and I’m especially pleased with the neat waistband. I made the glove from scratch, which is not something I would like to repeat. At least there’s only one glove.. It was red felt, so at least I didn’t have to hem the fingers because felt doesn’t fray. The image is a t-shirt transfer, so just ironed on.

The shirt was simple since I already had a suitable one, I only had to add a pocket. I made the bow from the same felt as the glove, again easy with no need to hem it. It’s on elastic with goes around my neck, and has a gold button sewn on.

The jacket was by far the most difficult part of the costume. I had trouble fitting it, and it was my first time attempting lining too. It does have functioning pockets though, and I chose red lining to continue the colour scheme. Not that you ever see the lining... Besides the jacket, the most difficult part was finding knee-high black socks. I didn’t expect to have so much trouble with that! The wig is from Karen’s Wigs on ebay, and was simple to style that one piece at the front. It’s really annoying to wear though, with hair permanently in my face!

I got a lot of use out of this costume, but decided I wasn't likely to wear it again and gave it to summoner_eilidh. I've since cut the wig shorter to use for Dagger, so no more Rukia.
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Character Rukia Kuchiki (School Uniform)
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