Kino Makoto (Juuban School Uniform)

Sailor Moon R

Why did I choose this character:

I LOVE Makoto because I feel her very close to me for many things, so I thought it was nice to make also her school uniform! *_*

Making off:

The Fuku is made with white and beige cotton and is composed by a long plated beige skirt and and by a white shirt with beige sailor collar and cuffs. Collar and cuffs are trimmed with a double layer white satin thin ribbon and same ribbon is crossed on the front of the shirt passing through little white metal buttonholes like the real Makoto's shirt have and the waist on the back of the shirt is decorated with a beige cotton thin bow. Black shoes and white socks completes the costume and green hair bubbles and pink rose earings comes from my Jupiter costume.

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Series Sailor Moon R
Character Kino Makoto (Juuban School Uniform)
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