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I love Horo! Even though Spice and Wolf is a fairly new series she's definitely one of my top favorite anime characters. I wasn't totally in love with her first outfit in the series though. But then this number came along and I knew I was a goner and had to cosplay her. My favorite color is purple. And comfy costumes made out of stretchy fabrics is always a plus for me. And I also love how I can leave a con, take of the ears and tail, and blend in with normal society, lol.

Some technical stuff: I modified patterns for the top and pants. I made my own bias tape for the trim of said garments. The purple fabrics are knits I found wonderfully cheap at a warehouse sale. I used black stretch wool for the pants. I did some tiny quilting to make the wheat pouch. The brooch for the sash is composed of accent marbles, aluminum foil, craft foam, paint, and adhesives of course. I stuffed the twisty bits of the sash with some fleece to give them more shape. The ears were built on craft foam and sewn onto hair clips. The tail has an inside of 16 gauge wire, fleece, and polyfil. It is attached to a belt. The wig is a Tina in color 30 that I slightly Sharpie dyed. And I ordered the fur from crscraft.com.


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Series Spice and Wolf
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HottieNanako I love your Holo cosplay! I'm thinking of cosplaying her first outfit from the show. Great job!

AsakuraYoh wonderfull cosplay!!! i love it =33 Kissus