Lieutenant Charles Christophe Davenport




Steampunk character created for my friends Steampunk Novel 'Flight of the Valkyrie'. First worn with the Valkyrie at the London MCM Expo Oct '08, since then its been tweaked and upgraded with various bits. Pretty much finished now, one of my favourite costumes.


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Character Lieutenant Charles Christophe Davenport


Write Knight Oh man. At first I was excited because I thought this was a Nemesis Soldier (they're basically just brittish steam punk alternate universe soldiers) From city of heroes, then I looked at the pictures and realized, I don't care, still looks awesome ^_^

SiveraChandler Your steampunk outfits are to die for! I can tell you put alot of love into them :)

Braithcakes would have been perfect for this group me and my friends are putting together. It's called the brass Legion. There are pairs from each country and you would be amazing for the brass legion Britain 0_0

Wildeth I thought this looked familar so I'm not suprised to know you're one of Sean's lot! ^__^ Great costume!

flyingclubcup Yours was my favorite costume out of all those incredibly awesome costumes at the show! So. Incredibly. Awesome. The gas mask, the gaaas maaask... and the goggles... and the huge gun... and the BRITISH SOLDIER UNIFORM... it's what dreams are made of.