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Yey for Dream Costume! c(^__^c) *dances*

Ever since I saw Yuna in this dress, I knew I needed to wear it! I LOVE this costume! XD
Dress: Made from white bridal satin. Constructed from a pattern, using a strapless top (needs lots of tape to be held up D:) and a looooong skirt bottom. Glued feathers to cotton tape and sewed into place, by machine and hand. ^^
Tiara: Cut out of plastic, after being drawn out on paper and glued on. Spray painted silver.
Boots: Bought from goodwill and spray painted. ^^
Wings: Spring that was from an old couch (....I recycle....>>"), covered in craft foam and covered in feathers. :D
Bouquets: Bought the flowers and arranged into bouquets. Made the ivy from the leaves from the flowers.
Feathers: I bought two sets of angel wings and removed the feathers. Feathers are really expensive (around $5 for four) and I needed a lot. This was really cheap in comparison to other methods, and yield pretty feathers. (chemical reactions have scarred my brain! DXX) If you need a LOT of feathers, try this!
Gloves: Glove-liners from my dad's work. :D
Necklace: Bought off of eBay long ago....maybe five years...?

Hope you like it. :D If you need any help with yours, send me a message.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Yuna


Hepheistion Thanks for the comment on my Seymour Cosplay. Your cosplay are all awesome, but I choose this becasue I think it's one of your bests. I really love Yuna in Wedding-Outfit. Respect!

griffstar I would love to someday seen this costume in person. Amazing work!

HatchetGirl1990 too bad you only had side and back shots, you needed more front shots of the dress

Mallory I LOVE THIS DRESS! I always wanted to make this dress too! Beautiful job!

jounink I adore this...oh and thanks for the comment you left me. ^ ^

Linkx epic!!!!

KatieAriel gorgeous, love this!!

han-pan a LOT of pictures of the back of the dress--can we see the front too??? :)

Strifehart Thank you for the comments, your costumes are all incredible too, I really like this one.