Ranma 1/2



My best costume so far as of this costume. There were some tough spots, for sure. One, I found a similiar pattern to follow, but it was designed to look slimming on a woman instead of room-for-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink baggy on a martial artist. Hehe. I had to get rid of darts, and other shaping, match the front design, add another leg slit on the other side, etc. The sleeves were SO much fun to make and to wear. Especially to wear. In true Mousse fashion, I had things stashed in them during the Con, like small postcards and my camera. ^_^

The one failing was the shoes. I was just using some black ballet shoes, because they look perfect, but I COMPLETELY underestimated how much walking I was going to do this year and so I really hurt my feet at one point because the shoes have absolutely no padding.

But really, it was so much fun! I love this costume!


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Series Ranma 1/2
Character Mousse


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