Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop



It started with Ohayocon '08. My brother and friends dragged me to it.

I was fascinated by the cosplays and I remembered exactly how much love I had for Cowboy Bebop and I just knew I had to get in on it(to the point of one night I stayed up till 7 am at a party sewing it, while a few of my mates were busy playing a game of pong.)

Spike Spiegel embodies tragic love, strong passion, a dismissive demeanor and he's kind of a jackass. I definitely sympathize and emphasize with every aspect of his character.

So here I am cosplaying Spike Spiegel, and likely retiring it around the age of 65.


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Series Cowboy Bebop
Character Spike Spiegel


KitoCosplay Yep, I remember seeing you at Ohayocon. Love the cosplay and love the pics

toxicxkat yaya zaid! i seen ur bebop cosplay adn was like woah this ones good he kinda looks like.....ZAID! :O hehe <3

Elika_88 Wow! You and your people looking very cool!

xMookie wow nice best spike ever

onewingedjade Yep. You win.

Sakura_CC Awesomest Spike! Wish I could take pictures in my Ed cosplay with you ^^

HezaChan It was great meeting you at ACen this year! You make a really excellent Spike :D

magneticbeddi Oh man, this is so great! I'm really glad you didn't make the lapel extra huge like most people do :)

usagilovestar23 Sexy!!! Great job!

seawaterwitch OMG...you resemble him ^^b

mayghinvano i wana be yer faye faye

Doe~Sweetums I love it! You're an awesome Spike <3

Hopie Congrats on the Showcase! You're an amazing Spike! *0*

bellanomnom wow.. fantastic job!!

Koibito_XY omg, ! love it

samtoenail Haha about time you got a showcase! <333

Sirene Congrats on the showcase~! It's about darn time, you totally deserve it!

Lyriel Congrats Fantastic Job *__*

Angeal awesome awesome cosplay and pics

daguru Congrats, dude.