Photos: Zumodepistacho, Strange Tastes Photography, TomiTotoro, Rocio in 2014.

Estimated cost: about 45 euros.

Making of process:

Haku is one of my most loved characters ever. I like those kind, mercyful and sweet young guys in anime. They are usually kind hearted and good person. They melt my heart easily xD.

This is my first time making a kimono, and is not really accurate, although no one could tell until take a look inside of it. I did the necklace with satin black ribbon and attatched it with a hanger. I used soft pink and soft green "popelin" to make the kimono and the obi. The obi was 3 metres long, and I attatched it at my back by making a butterfly bow. The pink kimono was 1,5 metres wide and about 1,50 high. I used red fabric that was over the Samurai Rikku robe and made the decorations in the high part of the kimono. I used violet fabric similar to felt to make the spirals of the kimono and painted them mixing violet and black fabric paint. Later I glued them to the kimono.

I bought the beautiful little basket and the japanese geta. Geta are so comfortable!


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Series Naruto
Character Haku
Variant Pink kimono


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