Genesis Rhapsodos

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII



Custom costume. Basically the red coat, red gloves, turtle neck and belts are made out of pleather. earrings were from Hot Topics, but I altered it a bit. and the sword was built from scratch with wood, clay, and spray, although there are few otehr details... I used shoes that can be bought from macy's or places with nice looking edges.
The sword is made from plywood and i used a table saw to help shape the sword and handle. then sanded it. then painted the main sword and did the hilt last.


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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Genesis Rhapsodos


xXYumeChanXx can you please tell me what you used for the coat? is it vinyl?

Random Newbie Awesome. How did you make your rapier, or did you buy it from somewhere? I'm planning a Genesis costume of my own, and the rapier's all I need.

Seraph1013 Very nice costume. Great job on the sword, it looks just like in the game. Do you have another pic were I could see the earrings? And if you don't mind me asking, how did you made them? I'm planning a Genesis cosplay myself and I loved yours.

konekopanda and u said u weren't gonna b popular :P