I love this costume so much. Being Halibel is awesome :)

This costume was made by my dear best friend, Regena, in about two days back in March. There are slight inaccuracies, but not enough for me to go and remake the entire thing now that i have more sewing skills.

Regena also custom dyed my wig using the FW Ink method (which she has become a master of). We both thought that all the yellow wigs on sites were either too bright and clown yellow to look at so custom dying it was the only way to go. We went with this golden toned yellow and she added the extensions. Regena also hunted down the perfect punky style wig to use as a base.

The sword was made by me and my boyfriend. It's the epitome of ghetto cosplay. Seriously, we put it together a couple of days before the convention and its not all that great. It took quite a beating at the con while strapped to my back and made going through doors and crowds a bit of a hassle. I'll be remaking it with proper materials.

I want to modify the top to do the 'underboobs' version of the costume for the next time i wear it. Also need to fix the collar which likes to misbehave :)


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