Gloha_h as Red Hearts Fairy

Red Hearts Fairy

Nene Thomas (artwork)

Cosplayer: Gloha_h
Character: A creation of uber-talented artist, Nene Thomas. I fell in love with the design of the Red Hearts Fairy when I impulse bought a shirt with the picture years ago. When working on the costume, I even bought the fairy ornament to reference for accuracy.

Costume: I updated the corset!! I managed to get my hands on a Burda corset pattern (style number 8601)and re-did the corset so that it was more feminine and fluid looking (and it didn't look like I had a large "M" on my chest) The corset is all satin, with the exception of the silver material used in the front of the corset. I modified a Simplicity pattern (#2832) for the petaled dress, and handstitched Swarovski crystals on the black skirt instead of using a polka-dot patterned fabric. The red skirt with a white stripe is reversed on the underside (white skirt with a red stripe), not that I'll be flashing that part of the outfit. The wings were my first attempt at such a thing, and what a learning experience it was! I referenced Lillyxandra's tutorial page (*sadly, she took the link down!*) to learn how to make the wings and harness, as well as JiaJem's tutorial page ( to modify the harness so that it fit into the back of my corset. I added on steel wires with butterflies attached to give the wings an ethereal look. The tights were bought online, and I'll definitely stock up on those, they're so adorable! I drafted and made a detachable shawl/sleeve combination that is depicted on one of the two Red Hearts Fairy paintings.

Final thoughts: I love my update! The new wig worked out marvelously!
Things I learned:
*Use ribbon for trim, don't make your own unless you absolutely HAVE to (This one came in handy for the updated corset)
*Practice making the more difficult parts out of muslin, so you don't mess up your fabric
*Make the wings out of one piece of fabric, so that the paint job looks more even.