Creed Diskennth

Black Cat (manga)

@Bur Loire
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. My sword is sooooo tall. XD

Anyway, I love Creed so freaking much. He's crazy, psycho, beautiful and completely obessed with a guy that is a kitty. Well. Okay, I lied. He's not really a cat. But still. Lulz.

I made this costume super fast, cause I really wanted to wear it with my Train and Saya at AZ '09. However due to accidental happenings I never got to wear it. (SADNESS!) So I've finally got some pictures in it thanks to ATL Anime Day and Punkrobot27 (On DA).

The sword, by the way, is about 6ft give or take a few inches. Its mostly foamboard, craftfoam and model magic. And LOTS OF TONGUE-WAGGING LOVE. =D
@Bur Loire
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Series Black Cat (manga)
Character Creed Diskennth
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