Kingdom Hearts II



Its a redo of my prior Sora cosplay!

Originally, I had a dark brown wig that had too less hair for me to get it right and was dying. I ordered a new base at eBay and it came even better than it looked in the picture too! After 6 hours of careful cutting and spiking, its done!

Everything of the clothing was done by me except the shirt. It was wonderfully commissioned. I also made the shoes that were kinda tough. I got the shoes from Wal-mart and slowly hot-glued the pieces of fabric on, including "D" rings and blue straps. The lump is made out of Kleenix XD

I bought the Keyblade at PMX '08. However I made its chain look more like a keychain. Ahh, I love Michael's~

The cosplay is basically complete just no belt. I have no idea how to make it and couldn't find one online and at stores V_V


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Sora


HylianDragoness OH BRO I KNOW YOU. You're that awesome Sora I saw on deviantart :'D I'll never forget your amazing wig hahaha.

KnightJeran Your sora is EPICCCCC

PrincessDominique23 Thought I recognized you! I saw you on the news at Anime Expo in this cosplay xD (totally not creepy right xD)

MeltyBloodCloud One of the best Soras ive seen ever

katacus That wig is so amazing. I would love it so much if you posted a tutorial.

Chergnomebyl Your hair is so....spikey! xD! AHHHHH!

randomstuff Your wig is amazing! And your expressions make me want to smoosh your face XD Perfect Sora :)

Chocobo chic omg the hair looks so natural! super adorable sora!

coslink BEST WIG

Fast Fred your costume and wig are AMAZING. You're a great stylist!!

LorieW anime spikes=impecable

SushiBunnie the wig looks so amazing :O

MK_Toxic AHA. I knew I recognized you at AX! Your wig styling skills makes my brain explode from awesome. D:

konataFTW your wig is sooo natural o_O

R1KKu Love your Sora cosplay. You did a phenomenal job on styling the wig.

pollyxpockett your wigs are great!

SilverStarboy Very good! I can see why you say its one of your most popular ones

mooniewolf123 I FREAKIN LOVE YOUR SORA FACES! - *cough* Sorry...anyways, thanks for the comment on my Zexion pic! I've been told more than once that I look like Xion a bit. :)

jounink I love your sora especially your funny shots! You are so very good at styling your wigs too. XD