Neku Sakuraba

The World Ends with You



I made both my own costume (Neku) as well as my friend's (Beat)!

Most of Neku's shirt and shorts were made with Kona cotton. My first try at his shoes were shoe covers with a zipper in the back. I later made actual shoes using flip flops as a base.

The wig was originally the Punky from Cosworx. I had to trim it a lot and then spike the back. The headphones are just cheap craft foam, glued onto a head band.


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Series The World Ends with You
Character Neku Sakuraba


RivinHal A bit late to the game so to speak, but this is awesome! Great job!!! Haha got any tips???

☆★~白黒~★☆ F this cosplay! F it to high heaven! (As the Prince would say.)

DetentionMisfit Awesome cosplay! Wow, you must have had to drive for a loooong time to get all the way up to Dallas for A-Kon...

Mahato Shey-Kun Good job with these!

Lolirella Ooh dear yes. <3 Wonderful Neku. O -O AND YOU LIVE IN AUSTIN AS WELL ? 8D